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Time After Time Saga Series

Welcome to Time After Time Saga Series page.

Animal Instinct cover art

August 2012
Lynette leads


August 2014

Tami leads

Lynette Endicott


April 2013

Tami leads



April 2015

Lynette leads


Please visit Lynette Endicott web site!


December 2013
Lynette leads

Primal Instinct

 December 2015

Tami leads

Tami Dee

Some may wonder how Lynette and I are managing our co-authoring for this series.  

We have come up with a plan that is fun and inspiring for both of us.

Each of us will take the lead for one story.

What do I mean by take the lead?

Simply put, Lynette writes one book, is responsible for all the hard stuff, writing the first draft, story line, editing, formatting ect. once completed, she e mails the draft to me and I get to go in and play. 

I write the next book and Lynette gets to play! 

              We sincerely hope you enjoy reading this ongoing series as much as we are enjoying writing it!


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